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Our Story

Finally! Here it is.
Somewhere in September,2008 we were approached by Viascom 18 to suggest location for MTV Roadies 6.0. They were looking for a raw- close to wilderness location for their opening episode of MTV Roadies 6.0, though we had worked with them earlier, but this was BIG for us.

On 7th November, 2008, when Raghu( of MTV Roadies) came with team [Ranvijay- MTV VJ, Debby-The Woman Behind, Albun, Bummpy-Man behind the show and Abhishek -The man behind Camera] Things were definitely not in our favour.
Thought some of us had to work overnight; After a lot of disappointment, discussion, aggression, emotional outburst and disagreement things settled out in our favour by the evening of 9th November . All of that just ended on a good note. A lot of “wishing each other” “ hand shaking” “smiling faces” -wrapped up the shoot for first task of Roadies 6.0.

But this was just beginning for us. Camp Tikkling- Taught us a lot more. There was a time when we were about to call off “CAMP TIKKLING”- But may be all good things come with great efforts and finally we had Camp Tikkling.

Now 3 Years mature in operations we stand quite strong with almost 11000 students and 2000 adults have visited us. And I can Say that – Camp Tikkling is here.

Right in the middle of Arravalies, Just 35 km. from DELHI-Dhaula Kuan and a short drive from Connaught Place (CP) Camp Tikkling is surrounded by extensive wilderness of rocky Aravalis from three sides, it is a place where you would love to Go, Stay, Eat and Play. Camp Tikkling is a Nature Camp, an Adventure Camp and a Village Camp - all rolled up in one place, away from noisy city; yet near enough to a civilisation. The camp has everything that would keep you on your toes throughout the day and help you to experience vital aspects of life skills. Here, high adrenaline activities, knowledge and fun are waiting to be explored.

The opportunities to learn, work and play amidst the natural resources in and around Camp Tikkling at Gurgaon are immense. What you find here is a window to a life that seemingly comes closest to Nature offering tremendous possibilities for true education. That bond, forgotten and trampled under the rush of modern-day living, gets a wake-up call here.

Also, it’s a place to do pretty much nothing, other than read by the day and stargaze by night, or watch the sun’s progress play upon the rocky landscape. Without television or computers, the hours seem to hold more time here.

Claim your own patch of wilderness. Find a clear space and pitch the camping tent. Scramble up the highest hill around. Check out the villages in the vicinity, with buffaloes, wells, ponds, and green fields. Survive in the wild by learning how to draw water and build fire. Enjoy a tractor or a camel cart ride. Milk a cow. Spend some time at the Potters hut, moulding chunks of clay into creative shapes. And when tired, simply hang the boots in shade, sip a cool drink and watch the clouds sweep across the sky.