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My exciting trip to Camp Tikkling

Its vacations time again and mind boggling for me to think of a unique, adventurous and exciting place where my children would love to go. Of course, my children would love to spend their holidays playing video games and watching television inside the house but I want to give them some real excitement. Something they hadn’t done before!

I asked some of my friends for ideas; one of them told me to make them join dance or tennis classes. Ahh!! Something I have already included in their daily schedule. I was yearning for some family fun that would be educational and at the same time something my children would love.

I was browsing online for some camps near Delhi when a website captured my attention, I chose it because it included all physical (adventurous) activities that will give my children some exercise and also teach them in an interesting way. Also they offer Village activities like pottery, camel cart ride, village visits et cetera, which will help my city brats to understand how villagers in India still live. It is located at a distance of 35 kilometers from New Delhi, Dhaula Kuan, and an easy one-hour drive from New Delhi Connaught Place. The camp is surrounded by extensive wilderness of rocky Aravalis from three sides. I was thrilled to see the pictures of the camps organized by them and booked one for my family instantly. They were very swift to reply me back and confirm my bookings.

It is a wonderful campsite offering amazing camping options that include several outbound trainings activities. Also this camp near Delhi is also a beautiful option for the corporate Picnics, Corporate Off sites and outbound trainings. The organizers i.e. Great Rocksport Private Limited have complete knowledge of the camping vacations near Delhi and serve some of the best adventure activities, best service and best food.

As I told my children and husband they got ecstatic and started packing for the camp. I also told my husband that this camp near Delhi also arranges and organizes corporate picnics, my husband loved the idea. (I am sure he would be booking a corporate picnic or an outdoor training and team building workshop for his employees).

As we reached there, the excitement touched its next level. Last 1km of the approach road is a beautiful drive through the village with buffaloes and muddy road, my kids just loved it. We had plethora of activities to choose from. We started with jungle strolling and enjoyed forests all around us. Next activity was Rock Climbing, which was unbelievable fun. My children enjoyed it so much as compared to their silly video games. They were loving the camp near Delhi completely! In the night we enjoyed looking at the star lit sky which looked marvelous.

Next day we enjoyed many more activities, particularly my children like pottery, tractor ride, clay modeling, camel cart ride, bullock cart ride and cow milking. These activities were engrossing and gave us an insight on how these activities were actually the daily chores of our ancestors and some of them used to do perform these activities for earning their livelihood.

My children definitely loved doing something they had not seen or done before. The next day was for rock climbing, rappelling, army obstacle course and valley crossing. Oh! I could not express in words how much my children and I loved these adventure activities. We were feeling like kids and my kids were happier than before. I loved the Camp Tikkling, an amalgamation of a Nature Camp, an Adventure Camp and a Village Camp. My family would definitely plan these enthralling camps near Delhi again soon.

I would advise anyone looking for adventurous and exciting camps near Delhi must give Camp Tikkling a try without thinking twice!! May it be just a “family holiday” to a “school camp”. Or if you are looking for a camp near Delhi for corporate picnic/off sites or outbound training programs. Camp Tikkling will end your search.